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PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT, the City of Hayden Planning and Zoning Commission will conduct a public hearing on Monday, June 5, 2017 at 5:00 pm at Hayden City Hall Council Chambers, 8930 N. Government Way, Idaho to consider a request for a Zone Map Amendment. Read More
The ruling from the District Court concerning NIBCA vs. the City of Hayden has come down.   The judge ruled that the sewer capitalization fee paid by the builders was an impermissible tax and must be refunded, with interest, which amounts to over $700,000. Read More
Why spend $700k to avoid paying $900k plus 6.5% interest, plus attorney fees of $250k or higher (We were looking at over ~$1.35 million to settle). The short answer is that the City of Hayden has a duty to its citizens to be fiscally responsible with the public's money. Read More