Load Limits in Effect Starting 3/15/19

Road Weight Limits & Permits FAQ

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In accordance with Section 49-1005, Idaho Code, the City of Hayden's Department of Public Works, charged with the maintenance of City roadways, has the authority to reduce the permissible sizes, weights, or speeds of vehicles operating on its road system for any periods as may be necessary for the protection of its roads or for public safety.


Road weight limits and speed limits are designed to ensure public safety and to prevent structural damage to roadways within the City of Hayden resulting from the operation of heavy vehicles in changing climatic conditions.

City of Hayden All-Weather Roads:

The following all-weather roads remain open when weight limits are in force:

• Wyoming Avenue

• Hayden Avenue from Government Way to the City’s western boundary

• Miles Avenue from Government Way to Highway 95

• Prairie Avenue from Government Way to Highway 95

• Dakota Avenue from KC Construction to Atlas Road

• Atlas Road from Hayden Avenue to Dakota Avenue

• Government Way from Prairie Avenue to Wyoming Avenue

Load Restrictions:

During winter months, the moisture found in the soils and gravels below a road’s surface freezes.

The depth of this frost zone varies depending upon the length and severity of the winter season. This frozen zone begins to thaw from the surface down, at varying rates. The moisture released by the thawing soils and gravels is trapped near the surface between the pavement and frozen soil below. When this occurs, the overhead passage of heavy equipment can create a “bouncing” or “pumping” effect on the trapped moisture layer, and can severely damage the roadway’s structural integrity and significantly decrease its lifespan.

Spring breakup restrictions are required to mitigate this characteristic seasonal freeze/thaw cycle, which makes the roadway unstable and reduced its load-bearing capacity.  These load restrictions are weather dependent – not calendar based. Such restrictions are normally required throughout the spring breakup season that can start as early as February and extend into May.

Types of Load Restrictions:

Depending upon the type of road construction, the amount of moisture, temperature conditions and the severity of frost heaves and breakup, roads or sections of roads, the following restrictions will be posted in order to protect the roadway and to ensure public safety:

1.    Maximum of 10,000 pounds on steering axle (9 inch minimum tire width)

2.    Maximum of 300 pounds per inch of tire – all other axles

3.    25 mile per hour speed limit

The load bearing capacity of a City’s roadway may be temporarily restored by a freeze-up of the pavement after a section has been posted for load and speed restrictions. Typically, during cold weather snaps, trucks and heavy equipment may be granted access to roadways in the City of Hayden after temperatures have dropped to 20 degrees Fahrenheit for three successive nights. Please contact the City of Hayden for current road conditions.

Speed Restrictions:

Streets and roadways within the City of Hayden are restricted to 25 miles an hour unless otherwise posted.  During periods when road weight limits are enforced, trucks and buses with a gross weight of 10,000 pounds or more will be restricted to a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour on all City roads. Restricted speed zones will be marked by red markers attached to road weight limit signs.

Notice of Weight Limits and Speed Restrictions:

Each year, at the onset of snow and ice melt and stretches of warm weather, weight limits are posted. Signs designating these regulations will be posted and maintained throughout the city (see photo insert) and announcements made through press releases to the local media.

The Department of Public Works will also notify local contractors and transportation companies that would ordinarily be impacted by the institution of road weight limits in the City of Hayden. To have your business or agency receive early email notification of the City’s intent to impose road weight restrictions and speed limits, please contact the Department of Public Works at kmenzies@cityofhaydenid.us.

Exceptions to Weight and Speed Restrictions:

The following are exceptions to posted vehicle weight and speed restrictions as allowed by Idaho

Code 49-1005:

•    Vehicle weight and speed restrictions shall not apply to emergency vehicles or school buses;

•    Providers of essential services shall be allowed to apply for a permit that will allow the provider to haul half-loads at restricted speeds.  Each vehicle must be issued separate permits. Each vehicle must have a valid permit on board during vehicle operations in the City of Hayden. Failure to comply with the conditions of this permit will revoke the permit and result in full weight enforcement under Idaho Code 49-1005. The following vehicles are entitled to apply for essential service permits: providers of heating fuel and propane; hay or feed providers; septic pumping services; and garbage trucks;

•    In the event of power outages or other damaged utilities, those utilities hall be exempt form the weight restrictions. This shall in no way exempt utilities for the purpose of providing new services, hook-ups, or routine maintenance;

•    In the event of catastrophic emergency to public or private entities such as endangerment to household or water supply, the City may issue permits on a case-by-case basis;

•    In an effort to treat all haulers equally, no single trip permits or exemption permits will be issued to commercial haulers with reducible loads.

Permit Process:

Businesses or vehicle operators who wish to operate on a road where a weight restriction is in place must fill out a "Special Load Limit Application" form for each truck or piece of heavy equipment that will travel on the road. Once completed, email the completed form(s) to Wade Holecek at wholecek@cityofhaydenid.us or fax to (208) 762-2282. Once approved, a signed copy of the Special Load Limit Permit will be faxed to the requesting agency or may be picked up at the Public Works Department in Hayden City Hall.  This signed copy must be retained on each vehicle.


For additional questions, contact the Department of Public Works at (208) 772-4411.