REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS  -   Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

(Posted 4-9-2018)
The City of Hayden, Idaho is seeking proposals from qualified vendors to implement a software solution that will provide the City with a long-term Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System. The solution will replace the City’s current processes and financial and permitting system. The proposed solution should provide and support all specifications and requirements identified in this RFP.

The contract will be awarded to the Proposer whose submittal is within the budgeted range the City Council has set and whose offering is determined to be the most complete and advantageous to the City and its necessary processes, price and other factors considered. Pricing shall include detailed module purchase prices, installation fees, configuration fees, training fees, annual service fees, data conversion fees, and any other anticipated costs associated with implementing and using the system.

Interested parties may contact the City of Hayden to obtain a Request For Proposals packet that includes more detailed information on the City's requirements. This packet may be obtained by contacting Abbi Landis, City Clerk, City of Hayden, 8930 N. Government Way, Hayden, Idaho 83835-9214. Telephone (208) 209-2013; Fax (208) 772-6522.

PROPOSALS MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE ATTENTION OF THE CITY CLERK AT HAYDEN CITY HALL, 8930 N GOVERNMENT WAY, HAYDEN, IDAHO, 83835, NO LATER THAN 5:00 P.M. PDT ON MAY 7, 2018. The City requests one (1) paper and one (1) searchable electronic .pdf copy of the Proposal and one (1) copy of any supporting materials the Proposer wishes to include. Once submitted, all proposal materials become the property of the City of Hayden.

THE CITY OF HAYDEN RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REJECT ANY OR ALL PROPOSALS, TO MODIFY THE ACCEPTED PROPOSAL, TO ACQUIRE ANY SUBSET OF THE SPECIFIED SYSTEMS, AND TO SELECT SYSTEMS FROM MORE THAN ONE VENDOR. The City will not pay for any information contained in the proposals. The City is not liable for costs incurred by vendors prior to issuance of a contract. The City of Hayden may negotiate separately with any source in any manner necessary to best serve the interests of the City.