Imagine Hayden

Seeking Public Input for Hayden's Future

How Do You See Our City’s Future?

The City of Hayden is preparing to start a city-wide planning effort as we update our Comprehensive Plan, Transportation Plan, Sewer Master Plan, and Parks Master Plan. Throughout this effort, we want to hear from YOU - the citizens, business owners, and visionaries in the City. Public involvement is anticipated to start this summer with most of the public involvement in the fall and early winter. Look to this site or the City’s Facebook page for opportunities to provide feedback and help shape the City’s future.

Why Are We Updating the Plans?

Our current city master plans are out of date. These include the Comprehensive Plan (2008), Transportation Plan (2013), Sewer Master Plan (2012), and Parks Master Plan (2007). When plans are out of date, they no longer guide land-use decisions effectively.

Why Update the Plans At Once?

The Comprehensive Plan sets policy for land use decisions and sets future goals for land use types and densities. However, land uses and densities impact our sewer and transportation infrastructure. Understanding the infrastructure impacts of future land uses and densities will allow the City to be proactive, rather than reactive as development occurs.


The Transportation Plan is currently underway. Traffic counts were taken in May throughout the City. You may have noticed cameras set up at key intersections. The Comprehensive Plan and public involvement processes will begin in June. The Sewer Master Plan and Parks Master Plan begin later this summer. Our goal is to complete the planning process by summer 2020.