Road Closures & Street Maintenance

Road Closures & Delays  (Last Updated July 2017)


Gov’t Way between Prairie and Miles

Chip Seal: July 10th and 11th
Sweeping during the night of July 10th and 11th

Woodland Meadows
Chip Seal: July 13th, 14th, 17th
Sweeping during the night of July 13th, 14th, and 17th

Weather permitting, a chip seal is scheduled for Government Way (between Prairie and Miles) and Woodland Meadows subdivision and will begin soon.  Chip seal is a coating of liquid asphalt and rock chips applied to the road as a means to preserve the road.

 To minimize inconvenience, please:

  • If you front the roads that are being chip sealed, turn off irrigation by midnight the day before both the chip seal and the fog seal is scheduled as water damages the seals.  We understand that high temperatures are forecasted and this is an inconvenience.  Irrigation can be turned back on 2 hours after the chip seal or fog seal are complete. 
  • Clear the streets in front of your house by removing parked cars, basketball hoops, trailers, etc.  Parked cars remaining in the roadway will be towed. Initial sweeping occurs the night AFTER the chip seal.  If vehicles are parked on the roadway the night after the chip seal, the road cannot be swept.   
  • Expect temporary traffic delays.  If you expect deliveries or visitors, let them know about the chip seal. 
  • For two weeks after the chip seal, keep speeds very low on the new chip seal roadway.
  • For two weeks after the chip seal, turn at intersections and into your driveway very carefully to minimize damage to the new chip seal as it cures. 
  • Road oils may get on shoes or pet’s feet, so take precautions.
  • Road oils may get on cars if they are parked in the roadway or if drivers disregard traffic control signs or flaggers.
  • Small quantities of gravel may be tracked into your driveway.  After the fog seal, driveways will be blown and/or swept out.      
  • The road will be swept during the night after the chip seal to allow the oil to set in cooler temperatures.  Before the road is swept initially, the road will seem gravelly and low speeds will be necessary.  The road will be swept several times in the weeks after the chip seal.  
  • A few days to a week following the chip seal, the road will be fog sealed, which is another layer of liquid asphalt applied to the roadway.  The same precautions (no parked cars, trailers, basketball hoops, irrigation…) apply to the fog seal days.  Check the City’s website for updates to the fog seal. 

Government Way Project - Hanley Ave to Prairie Ave

  • Plan: The City of Hayden has joined together with the cities of Dalton Gardens and Coeur d’Alene to reconstruct Government Way. Hayden’s portion is small (Aqua Circle to Prairie Ave) but needed.
  • Current Status: The City of Coeur d’Alene is the lead agency for this project. They have completed their right-of-way acquisitions and will be putting the project to bid Spring 2017 with construction planned for 2018.

Hayden Avenue Reconstruction - Government Way to Highway 95

  • Plan: This is Phase 1 of the Hayden Corridor Improvements Project. Phase 1 is to widen Hayden Ave. to 3 lanes, add curbing and sidewalks, as well as trees in order to improve the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of this area. 
  • Current Status: The City is in the process of acquiring the required right-of-way needed. Construction is scheduled to begin Summer 2017.

Honeysuckle Ave ADA/Pedestrian Ramps (Citylink Bus Stops)

  • Plan:  The City received a grant from the  Idaho Transportation Department to improve sidewalks and access to the bus route with ADA access improvements from US 95 to Davis Court.
  • Current Status:  The Final design has been submitted to the Idaho Transportation Department for review.
    The construction is expected to be completed in the summer of 2017.