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General Steps and Timelines for PUDs
General Steps and Timelines for Major & Minor Subdivisions

Pre-Application/Pre-Development Procedures

The following procedures shall be followed for all development within the City of Hayden. No building permit applications, site plan applications, or development applications will be accepted unless the proposal has been before the staff for review. Pre-development meetings are set at half hour increments (more time can be requested) and are available for scheduling during the following times: 10:00, 10:30, 11:00 and 11:30 a.m. on Monday through Thursday; and 3:00, 3:30, 4:00 and 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday afternoons.

  • A pre-development meeting is required for ALL development.  Prior to the submission of development applications, a pre-development meeting must occur.
  • Customer will complete a pre-application form.
  • The completed application form and any attachments will be handed in prior to staff scheduling a date/time.
  • If it is appropriate for outside agencies to be present, at least a 48 hour lead time should be afforded to those agencies.
  • Submitted information will be forwarded to all appropriate parties including outside agencies (to include but not limited to NLFPD, water districts, Panhandle Health).
  • The meeting request shall be released to all appropriate parties and such meeting set preferably during the allotted times designated as "Pre-Development" on the calendar.  A minimum meeting time of a half hour should be allowed.
  • The checklist on the back of the Pre-Development Application form provides a guideline of what needs to be discussed.
  • Notes by staff will be taken on the back of the application form.
  • At the conclusion of the meeting, a copy of the form (both sides) will be returned to the client.
  • All information received (business cards, etc.) will be copied and provided to the outside agencies, with a copy for our files.
  • A file folder will be created and placed in the upstairs conference room credenza files for future reference.
  • Upon development application, the information from this file will be transferred to the building permit application, development application, or site plan application file.

Development Activities & Processes

Below is a brief description of development activities processed through the Community and Economic Development Department:

  • Accessory Living Units:  A building or portions of a building located on the same lot, but separate from the principal dwelling, with at least two hundred twenty (220) square feet of habitable space but not more than eight hundred (800) square feet, equipped with plumbing for a toilet, sink, and bathing facilities, and a single kitchen permanently installed.
  • Annexation:  Requests for annexation of new lands into the city are considered when such annexation would result in a benefit to the city of Hayden that equals or exceeds the costs of such annexation, or when it is deemed beneficial to the pattern of development or economic prosperity of the community in the future.
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendment: A Comprehensive Plan Amendment revises the City’s adopted land use goals and policies and/or the future land use map for the City.  Comprehensive Plan Amendments require a public hearing before both the Planning and Zoning Commission, which makes a recommendation to City Council, and before City Council, which makes the final decision on the requested amendment.  Idaho Code prohibits modification of the City’s future land use map more than once every six months.
  • Latecomer Agreement and Special Districts (Local Improvement District / Community Infrastructure District / Business Improvement District):  This agreement provides a fair and equitable way for developers that install required infrastructure improvements that will potentially benefit other, future developers to share in the costs of those improvements.  Application for a Latecomer’s Agreement must be filed within 90 days of acceptance of infrastructure by the City!
  • Minor Subdivision:  The division of land into six or fewer contiguous lots when no zone change is required.  All lots must have access onto a public street or an approved private street.  Dedication of additional right-of-way may be required.  Minor subdivision applications are processed administratively, with no public hearing required.
  • Planned Unit Development: Planned unit developments (PUD) provide greater flexibility in land use and encourage greater design creativity than is generally allowed under conventional standards and development approaches.  PUDs may incorporate a variety of residential and land use types, and contain both individual building sites and common property which are planned and developed as a functional unit or neighborhood.
  • Subdivision: The division of land into more than 6 lots, or any division of land that requires a zone change.  See the Hayden City Code, Title 12 for a detailed list of requirements.  A public hearing will be scheduled with the Planning and Zoning Commission for a recommendation that will then go to the Hayden City Council for a final decision.  The division of land into six or fewer contiguous lots is a Minor Subdivision.
  • Special Use Permit: The special use permit procedure is intended to provide for the review of specific uses that are potentially compatible with allowed uses within the zone, provided that they meet certain standards.  The Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing and may approve, conditionally approve, or deny the request.
  • Temporary Hardship Permit:  These permits allow a manufactured home for a dependent relative to be placed on an existing residential lot having a minimum size of 8,250 square feet to be occupied as temporary living quarters by either a dependent relative or by the person(s)/family providing care to a dependent. 
  • Variance:  A variance provides for a modification of a specific zoning requirement adopted by the City when, due to unique site characteristics, the strict application of the zoning regulation would create an undue hardship and deny reasonable use of the subject property.  Variances can only be granted if approval would not otherwise impair achievement of the standards, would not impose additional burden upon adjoining landowners, or otherwise have detrimental effect on properties in the area, or the community at large.
  • Zone Change:  Application for amendments to the official zoning map must be made with a zone change application.  A zone change request is subject to a public hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission who makes an advisory recommendation, and a public hearing before the Hayden City Council where a final decision is made.  Zone changes must be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan, compatible with present and future land use in the vicinity, and infrastructure must be available to support the uses that would be allowed in the requested zone.
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