Community Development

Welcome to the City of Hayden Community Development Department. 

The Community and Economic Development Department is responsible for all issues related to land use planning and zoning for the City of Hayden, as well as managing and approving all aspects of building activities and regulations within the City limits and administering the International Building Code and Code Enforcement. Community and Economic Development also oversees major economic development initiatives and grant management tasks as well as being responsible for all City-related infrastructure design approval, construction and oversight to include development approval.

Staff is available between the hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Hayden City Hall, Monday through Friday to assist customers with their questions on such things as zoning classification, development requirements, permitted uses and building permit processes, as well as answer questions on pending applications.  Phone number is (208) 209-2022.

In addition to assisting the public, other functions of the department are as follows:

  • Development Proposals and Zoning Administration. Technical assistance and review of annexation proposals, Planned Unit Developments, subdivisions, Special Use Permits, zoning amendments, commercial site plans, etc.
  • Long Range Planning. Community and strategic planning including comprehensive land use planning, transportation planning, capital planning, and other long-range community planning efforts.
  • Community Development Initiatives including Downtown Central Business District planning, economic development projects, feasibility studies, project development and management.
  • Grant Writing in support of City projects and initiatives.
  • Code Enforcement in support of City ordinances.
  • Contract Services providing administrative, technical, and project support to the Hayden Urban Renewal Agency.

Staff includes:
Melissa Cleveland, Community Development Director
Phone (208) 209-2021
Larry Stark, Inspector and Plan Reviewer
Phone: (208) 209-2019
Donna Phillips, Senior Planner
Phone: (208) 209-2020
Michelle Cox, Building Permit Technician

Phone: (208) 209-2025
Christi Cooper, Building Permit Technician
Phone: (208) 209-2023

Heather McNulty, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (208) 209-2022

Scott Haen, Inspector and Plan Reviewer

Phone: (208) 209-2027