Arts Commission

Balance Art
Diane Hammack - Chair
Mary Sorensson - Vice- Chair
JoSann Lien
Carolyn Havens
Ashleigh Suggs
Elizabeth Farley

"We the City of Hayden Arts Commission, envision a renowned arts and cultural program that stimulates and encourages local artists as the backbone of our program.  We remember our past as we pursue our future and ensure equal access to cultural and artistic opportunities."

The Arts Commission was formed in 2007. In collaboration with the City of Hayden and the Hayden Urban Renewal Agency the Commission works to enhance the quality of life in Hayden through arts and culture. 



‘Epiphany’ - The Hayden Arts Commission, in collaboration with the City of Hayden, Hayden Library, and Hayden Urban Renewal Agency, installed a piece of commissioned freestanding art at the Hayden Library, next to the new Peak Tennis facility, in November 2015. 102 artists submitted proposals and five finalists were selected. These finalists presented scaled models of their proposals at the library to allow for public feedback. After reviewing the public comments, the committee selected the finalist, Michael Horswill’s ‘Epiphany.’ The trio of sculptures entitled “Epiphany” represent an active mind, reflecting the Hayden Public Library’s purpose of educating and providing our community with a world of resources. The title’s meaning related to the amazing moments in life when, as Webster says, we experience “an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure.” Michael Horswill is a local artist and art instructor at NIC.

Coming Soon… ‘Dusk to Dawn’ by 11th-Hour Heroics, a public art project selected by the Hayden Arts Commission in collaboration with the City of Hayden and the Hayden Urban Renewal Agency, to be located in the public parking lot north of City Hall.  

Previous works of public art include:

Two stained glass windows based off of the City of Hayden seal, installed in the clock tower at City Hall by local artist Carol Gardner.   The windows were proudly installed as part of the renovation and addition to City Hall in 2008.

‘Balance’, a sculpture created by artist David Clemons located in McIntire Family Park next to City Hall. This beautiful piece of public art also functions as a bike rack. The sculpture’s design is symbolic, depicting figures maintaining a delicate “balance” while they are stretched outward in different directions. Their hands are connected in the center, symbolizing teamwork and the support they give each other in the building of an effective community.

The Hayden City Gallery, a consignment art gallery located in the main traffic areas at City Hall, was established to promote art in the city. Featured artists are displayed quarterly. 

Dusk to Dawn drawing

Submit your application to display Metal Sculpture, Paintings, Photography, Pastels, Stained Glass, Quilts, or any art medium that can be hung in a gallery space, displayed on a pedestal or in an enclosed display case.  Include photos of your work with your application. 

PDFCity Gallery Display Application

Email your application to jgardipe@cityofhaydenid.us or mail to: 

City of Hayden Attention: Jamie Gardipe, Gallery Manager, 8930 N. Government Way, Hayden, ID  83835

If you are interested in volunteering for the Arts Commission, please click  HERE  for information.

If you have any questions, please contact Jamie Gardipe, Arts Commission Clerk, at (208) 772-4411 extension 1042 or by email at jgardipe@cityofhaydenid.us.